Journal Entries

Below is our most recent journal entry – from Week 4.  To read all of our daily experiences, thoughts and photos from the Great Alaskan Adventure, check out our Weekly Journals.  ME & JMS

Day 23

July 23, 2019. The only places where you can get WiFi here in the campground are the office/store and the laundry room. Since we didn’t need to do laundry today, after breakfast we went and sat on the front porch at a little bistro table. The weather was cool and very foggy, but not so cold that sitting outdoors was uncomfortable. We talked to a fellow camper who has been here at this campground since it opened on July 1. He and his wife are full-time RVers and they tend to go someplace and sit a spell. Dick was talking about the eagle family in the tree and how the parents’ attention to the eaglets has changed over the past three weeks. Since the parents aren’t around much any more, he figures they may be about to send them out on their own. And soon after he said that, the mother eagle returned to the nest, settled in, and she is still there at 8:30 p.m.

What started out as a very foggy morning turned into a constant rain in the afternoon. It’s actually a perfect book-reading afternoon, but we didn’t want to waste the little bit of time we have here in Seward, so we went out exploring. Driving through the streets of the town, checking all of the businesses and looking at the variety of homes available to the locals (2,800 permanent residents).

Jim suggested taking the road to its end, which turned into a grand adventure. Once you start on the road, you are committed for many miles, because the road is only about a car and a half in width and there is no place to turn around. It meanders around the bottom of a mountain, right up against it, with the other side a drop-off into Resurrection Bay. They warn you about “avalanche areas,” and with the pile of rocks/boulders at the bottom, only feet from the roadbed, it’s apparent they aren’t kidding. Once we were beyond the somewhat treacherous part of the road we continued on. At the end there are all manner of small, interesting businesses: tour guides and rental equipment for canoeing, kayaking and fishing; campgrounds at the water’s edge, and very small rooms for backpackers to find respite from the weather.

We took a turn into Lowell Point State Recreation Park where we discovered a forest of trees heavily laden with moss. Some were so thick they made me think of moose antlers.

On the way home we went to the grocery store, came back to Ollie, had some popcorn and did some writing. This evening we went out to Chinook’s Restaurant. I had salmon poke as an appetizer and maple sriracha glazed salmon on a bed of vegetable fried rice with sliced Brussels sprouts and apple coleslaw. Yum! Jim had crab bisque and then decided the steak sounded good and was $11 less than the halibut. He regretted his choice, even though there was nothing wrong with the steak. If you’re in Texas you need a steak, but when you’re in Alaska you need to eat halibut (or salmon, or crab . . .). It was great having a “date” night. This is the first time we have gone out for dinner since we left home three weeks ago. We have gone for a few lunches, but mostly we are being frugal with food.

We got back after dinner and could see the female eagle sitting next to the nest. Jim got out the 100:400 mm lens and got some good pictures. It’s been another great day. ME