Travels With Ollie*

An Homage to John Steinbeck
His Travelogue,
Travels With Charley

With only 2-1/2 weeks remaining of our 11 week adventure, we are currently listening to John Steinbeck’s travelogue, Travels With Charley.  The book was written about a 75-day, 10,000 mile tour of the United States that Steinbeck and his standard poodle, Charley, took in 1960.  As we have listened to our Audible recording of the book, read by Gary Sinise, it reminds us in many ways of our own adventure across Northern US, Canada, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and now California.  By the time we return home in mid September 2019, our Travels With Ollie will span approximately 78 days and 12,000 miles.

Finding Dust Bunnies & Friends in the Laundromat

What About Those Alaska “Truths”?

Feeling At Home in Homer


Reconnecting In A Restaurant

Developing an Artistic Style

First Nation and Native Americans

Collectively, First Nations,[4] Inuit,[11] and Métis[12] (FNIM) peoples constitute Indigenous peoples in Canada

The use of the term Native Americans, which the US government and others have adopted, is not common in Canada. It refers more specifically to the Indigenous peoples residing within the boundaries of the United States